Protect Your Valuable Data

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Do you want to know how to never lose your data? If you use a tablet, notepad, memo book, calendar, or any other utility for tracking or managing data, odds are high you may lose it all at some inopportune moment. Let's face it, you can lose data in a lot of ways - hardware or software crash, stolen laptop, smart phone in the hot tub . . . you name it.

What's the solution? A web-based CRM effectively protects contact data helps keep it from being lost. Yes, servers crash and hard drives fail, yet a legitimate web host has redundancy and performs constant data backups so you'll never lose your data. One of the many benefits of using TheIOffice is that we've sourced the absolute best environment to host and store your CRM data. Don't store data on your local server, leaving your company's security and technology infrastructure at risk. Use a web-based solution that you can access from anywhere in the world. You'll be glad you did!